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Seifudein Adem, PhD


Seifudein Adem teaches Global Studies at Doshisha University, Japan; he is also a Research Associate at Ali Mazrui Center for Higher Education Studies, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Adem's latest book is Postcolonial Constructivism(2021).


He received his early education in Africa, Ethiopia, where he was born and raised. He holds a BA degree with Distinction (Political Science), MA (International Relations) and PhD (International Political Economy). He taught in Ethiopia (1988-92), Japan (2000-05; 2018-), USA (2006-16) and China (2017). He was also a Research Associate at the United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan (1999), Binghamton University, New York, USA (2002) and University of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany (2017). His current research includes Africa's interactions with Asia, particularly China and Japan. 

Dr. Adem's administrative experiences include serving as the Associate Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at Binghamton University, New York (2006-16), President of the New York African Studies Association (2010-11) and a member of the Executive Board of the International Studies Association's Global South Caucus (2012-16).

Seifudein Adem has received grants or fellowships from the US Government (USIA, 1990), from the Governments of Japan (MEXT, 1996-98, JSPS, 2008-10) and Germany (FMER, 2017); as well as from private institutions in the US (Ford Foundation, 2008 and 2016) and Japan (Tokyo Electric Power Company, 1992-94, Hitachi 2021-2024).

Dr. Adem is proficient in English, Japanese, Amharic, Russian and Oromo languages. The author of many books and academic articles, he has also actively presented his research findings at regional, national and international conferences. His detailed online CV is available here.